This International Women’s DayDon’t Pluck Her, Plant Her.

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Our awesome She-DLTians

One of the best analogies I have come across for a woman is that of a rose. While some see it from the thorny-to-hold angle, I personally feel — the thorns represent every struggle a woman faces as she tries to make her way in a male-dominated world. We have come far, and we see women in every field making their mark; the IT Industry being one of them.

Yet, there is a long way to go…

While we recruit women across verticals, common queries they have at the time of their interview are regarding office timings, specific benefits, equal-pay and/or equal-opportunity for good performance.

Often, I have observed, heard and even experienced that hiring managers refrain from hiring anyone who asks these question(s), let alone realize the probable reasons behind them.

As an HR professional, what I find wrong and unfair is the paradigm created before we even provide an answer to that candidate. A question any interviewer (male or female) must ask themselves before making any hiring decision is –

What do WE as an organization want the answers to be for these questions?

Unfortunately, despite the VUCA times, most organizations today have been unable to overcome this aspect of the hiring process.

What is the impact?

The impact is a strong psychological imprint created in the candidate’s mind; she just ruined her interview, ruined an opportunity and ended the discussion with a sense of guilt, all because she asked these questions.

Is it fair? Absolutely not!

So how do we change this scenario and establish a space where we women do not fear asking the right question or do not feel a sense of guilt in expecting a feasible answer?

My belief — Don’t Pluck Her, Plant Her.

What does this mean?

It means if she passes the test of a fair selection process — which typically involves profile screening, technical/non-technical assessment(s) and a behavioral assessment for cultural-fitment — you base your decision on that instead of basing the entire evaluation on those queries post the assessment.

What we need is a paradigm shift in the interview process — Realize those queries are more likely her way of assessing the job opportunity at hand; that she needs these answers so she can manage work better ( by examining factors such as timings, commute, safety, personal commitments etc.) instead of running away from working hard.

What can we do?

Instead of dropping her on the basis of those queries, and the subsequent apprehensions that stem from them, hire and nourish her.

Replace your hiring practices

Create and sustain an enabling ecosystem and not let go of a potential deserving star team member, by replacing your hiring practices with cultural values & practices.

In a nutshell, we don’t pluck them when they are at their best, instead nourish and watch them power through by creating, innovating and breaking every possible ceiling out there.

How do we bring about this change?

Work with (not for) an enabling management, team & work-family that sets the tone right from the very beginning.

You can gauge this — examine how your interview and selection process is driven, how questions are asked AND answered, the transparency of your evaluation and clarity given not only in the job description but also during the actual discussion(s).

In our case, candidates often point out what catches their eye at is our job application form that mentions, "Only Talent Matters to us!” under the ‘Gender’ field.

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Our career page

We take this a step further by having a group of talented subject matter experts (men and women) who recruit and mentor sheer potential.

Innovate your method of appreciation & acknowledgment!

Women in every phase of life contribute in their own unique ways to help the world be a better, nurturing and caring place. Even though this happens literally every day, celebrating one day for them will never be enough.

Being an innovative Blockchain Enterprise Solution Organization that takes pride in our female workforce, we decided to celebrate the contributions women make every day and everywhere by doing something that is symbolic of our belief in equality.

On this International Women’s Day, we brought life to one of our core values as we pledged to plant flowers and nourish them, so that they grow their roots deep and bloom in an inclusive, fair and enabling ecosystem.

Each flower represents an amazing, talented and dexterous She-DLTian who has enabled and contributed to the strengthening of our roots every day round the clock.

It gives me immense pride in leading a team (rather family) at DLT Labs that resonates with this simple yet rare cultural value.

On an ending note — to all aspirants (regardless of gender) –

To succeed and most importantly attain job satisfaction:

  • Enable yourself to create a difference and have an impact and
  • Be part of a culture that enables you to do so!

Haven’t found that yet? Come join us! 😊

Author — Mitushi Mittal, DLT Labs

About the Author: Mitushi is DLT Labs’ HR Business Partner, leading HR initiatives across various HR verticals for the company since August 2018. A proud She-DLTian, she is an agile and diligent HR professional with a keen interest in designing and delivering pragmatic solutions to Human Capital challenges.

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