Talent Acquisition — Product Based vs. Service Based Organization

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Arecruiter’s life is never easy, chasing numbers and meeting TAT (Turn Around Time) consistently in terms of closing positions for business is a never-ending task, but what struck me on moving from one type of organization to another was the question -

What is the difference in recruitment or hiring for a Product-based Organization versus a Service-based Organization?

Having previously worked for a Service-based organization for almost 4 years and now with my experience at DLT Labs, a Product-based organization, I have realized the differences in approach while searching and sourcing for a particular candidate or role, so let’s shed some light on those differences.

On an ending note, my opinion on this comparison is not biased towards either of the two types of organizations. It is more on how the times and focus have changed in what millennials today look for versus what generation X or even some parts of generation Y would look for in their ideal career growth. People are more competition-driven, they are not scared but in search of greater challenges and monotony at work is a major dis-engaging factor. There might be fellow readers who disagree, but this submission is purely based on my own experiences in the world of Talent Acquisition catering to multiple types of industries.

Author: Shweta Sachdeva, DLT Labs

About the Author: Shweta Sachdeva is a result-oriented HR Professional with rich experience in end-to-end recruitment. Currently working with DLT Labs as a Talent Acquisition- Manager, learning and exploring other aspects of Human Resources.

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DLT Labs is a global leader in Distributed Ledger Technology and Enterprise Products. To know more, head over to: https://www.dltlabs.com/

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