Your company is ready for change but your POC is stalled? DLT Labs’​ POC Productionizer can help!

Your company is ready for change but your POC is stalled? DLT Labs’​ POC Productionizer can help!
Your company is ready for change but your POC is stalled? DLT Labs’​ POC Productionizer can help!

If you want to undertake a large initiative to implement a technology change in your organization, a logical place to start is to demonstrate what you intend to do and what it will achieve.

If you are trying to convince senior leadership that you need a castle for the future success of your company, you might start by building one from papier maché.

You can design your specs, build a basic framework for your project, and make adjustments with relative ease. You can even add some finishing details to present your project for approval.

When it is complete, your model castle should replicate the castle you want to build.

So, why can’t you live in it?

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The reason is simple: you didn’t build the model castle with the infrastructure, configurations and functionality that is necessary to actually be a final useable project.

You didn’t make a permanent commitment to the outcome, you just built a framework to “test” the idea or concept. If construction is approved, then you have to design a budget and timeline for the real project — at scale — with all necessary inclusions for permanent implementation.

This process is commonly called a proof of concept (POC) and the papier maché castle is an excellent analogy that shows why a POC is basically the kiss of death for blockchain technology.

POC’s only show that something “can” work — not that it “does” work.

A technology team learns about a new way to do something in the company that will improve margins — in this case, blockchain. They believe that the technology could provide the foundation of a solution and embark on creating a POC to “test” the idea’s ability to deliver improvement, innovation, effectiveness or efficiency to their company.

But a POC is just speculation and, more often than not, POC’s do not get approved for production.

The technology team says it’s not useable, the predicted results are doubted as mere guesswork, the budget and timelines will be significantly higher than the model, and as time passes, there are now newer solutions on the market to solve the problem better, faster, cheaper. So, it’s back to the drawing board for yet another POC. Design. Rinse. Repeat.

This is why POC’s fail.

People are enticed by the intrinsic benefits of blockchain / distributed ledger technology (which includes an assurance of immutability and transparency while keeping data cryptographically secure).

But the technology is still relatively new with very few real-life examples and even fewer success stories. There is a lingering negative association with cryptocurrency (which is associated with blockchain) and the volatility of its launch a few years ago.

There are only a handful of deployments at scale which prove how blockchain can enable efficiency within an organization but people are generally uncomfortable trusting the technology without more testing.

There is inherent risk to the CIO who is at the helm of the company’s technology infrastructure because of the political capital attached to success / failure. This makes the risk very real for the person in charge and risk avoidance ensures failure.

POC’s only show that something “can” work — not that it “does” work. People are not inclined to trust one another’s POC’s. Each company perceives its own circumstance as unique, different or special and in need of an individual approach.

As of today, there are not enough real deployments for people to feel secure in emulating each other’s successes and avoiding each other’s failures.

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So, why are we telling you all of this?

Because DLT Labs can help turn your paper maché castle into a real castle — in 60 days.

We have a configurable platform with interoperable modules that address common business processes such as workflow, supply chain, credential information, privacy and consent, and value transfer.

We don’t have to build a whole new castle from scratch because, basically, we have a “pre-fab” castle that is ready to be tweaked to a specific need. Our platform integrates with legacy systems, incorporates new technologies such as AI and IoT, and leverages the power of blockchain.

DLT Labs recently announced our commitment to giving back to essential services by offering members of Blockchain In Transportation Alliance (BITA) to take their POC’s into production with our POC Productionizer.

We can tune our platform to a company’s specific need and deploy our technology within 60 days. Each project that applies will receive three hours of consulting from our tech team and we will undertake to do five implementations.

So, have a look and share your POC with us so we can determine how to improve your end-to-end supplychain visibility with our turnkey platform. We look forward to learning about how we can help you transform your business!

Author — Sergei Beliaev, DLT Labs

About the Author: Sergei is the EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at DLT Labs. He has a lengthy career implementing technology, governance and infrastructure solutions across Canada and the US to achieve significant cost savings and improved operational performance. He is currently maximizing the value of blockchain to drive enterprise grade process simplification and cost savings.

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