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This post continues our ongoing discussion regarding checking created channels with DL Fabric Gateway™.

Checking Created Channels on DL Fabric Gateway™ (Optional)

Checking created channels allows the user to check which channels they are able to interact with on the Fabric network.


Checking created channels on DL Fabric Gateway™ using the fab_queryChannel API:


Step 1

Open a Command Line Interface (CLI) of your choice (Terminal, cmd, etc.)

Step 2

Install curl (if not already installed): Download links — Linux/Windows

Step 3

Copy and paste the following API Call into your CLI of choice, and tap “enter” on your keyboard

curl -X GET \
‘https://dlfabricnetwork.dltlabs.com/api/1.0/fab_queryChannel?userName=your@email.com' \
-H ‘Authorization: AUTH_TOKEN_HERE’

Which returns a response containing an array of created/joined channels:

“channelNames”: [“yourchannel”,”demochannel2019"]

In order to proceed with this guide, you must have created at least 1 channel. Please ensure that the above response contains at least 1 channel before going to the next section.

Base64 conversion can be done using any conversion tool. The link to one of the most used online Base64 converters is: https://www.base64encode.org/

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