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This post continues our ongoing discussion regarding getting started with DL Fabric Gateway™.

Getting an Authentication Token in order to proceed with using DL Fabric Gateway™


Before anything can be done on DL Fabric Gateway™, an Authentication Token is required.

Additional Details: Understanding the API Docs

DL Fabric Gateway™ is a REST API that provides 2 general types of requests — GET and POST requests. GET requests are, in general, used to fetch data, whereas POST requests are, in general, used to push data to the system.

The API Docs can be found at: https://dlgateway.dltlabs.com/fabric/documentation

Step 1

Open any web browser, preferably Google Chrome. If Google Chrome is not available, any modern browser will also work.

Step 2

In the web browser address bar, enter https://dlgateway.dltlabs.com. The page at that address will appear as follows.

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Step 3

Fill out the Request Token form as in the above image.

  1. Enter your Full name
  2. Enter your Organization name
  3. Enter your Email
  4. Check the Terms and conditions box (after reviewing the T&Cs)

Step 4

Click the “Request token” button. You should receive an email containing your token (see the image below). If any issues are encountered, click “Reset token?

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Please do not share this Authentication Token with anyone, as it could allow them to access your DL Fabric Gateway™ account.

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