How to Create a Jenkins Declarative Pipeline
How to Create a Jenkins Declarative Pipeline

Working at DLT Labs™ as a DevOps Engineer, I use Continuous Delivery technologies like Jenkins® to ensure the reliable release of new product features to our clients.

While doing research for upgrading our CI/CD pipeline, I learned a bit about Jenkins Declarative Pipelines. I’m not an expert, but I thought it was cool and wanted to share it with you today.

Toggling the servers and their services is not a daunting task if the number of servers is relatively small. But when there is an environment where several servers must be brought up from scratch and set up, at this…

Concurrency in Flutter
Concurrency in Flutter

This blog is all about concurrency in Flutter. Flutter is the UI Kit launched by Google, still proliferating, and the flutter community is expanding every day. Flutter works on a single thread. There are two concepts on which multiple threads work together — Parallelism and Concurrency.

Difference between parallelism and concurrency

Parallelism and concurrency are quite different from each other. Parallelism is doing multiple tasks at the same time. On the other hand, Concurrency is the execution of tasks in parallel. However, it computes the multiple tasks in a few seconds (imitating Parallelism).


Today I would like to discuss one of the topics I found while doing research for our blockchain-backed products here at DLT Labs™. I was looking for effective solutions that support better client-side state management and their intercommunication.

This article covers a general overview of technical solutions that support micro frontends’ internal communication and explains the technicality of how it works from a developer’s perspective (a prerequisite understanding of micro front ends is assumed in this blog). …

How do you set up an AWS site-to-site VPN connection?
How do you set up an AWS site-to-site VPN connection?

VPNs have been floating around us since 1996, thanks to Gurdeep Singh-Pall (Microsoft Employee), who invented PPTP (peer-to-peer tunnelling protocol).

In the era of the cloud, VPN is a topic that is synonymous with tech enterprises and enthusiasts alike. Some of the honorary mentions include Google Cloud VPN, Azure VPN Gateway, and AWS Site to site VPN.

VPN can be categorized into two types:

  1. Site-to-site VPN
  2. Client to Site VPN

The Site to Site VPN is profoundly used by corporates and enterprises to:

  • Connect multiple branch office networks located at different locations with one another
  • Connect the comprehensive office network…

Did you know that Distributed Ledger Technology predates Bitcoin? Many people associate Blockchain with Bitcoin, and rightly so. However, the famously anonymous innovator known by Satoshi Nakomoto got his (or her) ideas from technologies that were established long before the Bitcoin whitepaper.

Both are methods of organizing transaction records in a shared, distributed database, but DLT is a broader term that includes all sorts of structures, including blockchain.

Distributed Ledger Technology

The concept of a distributed ledger can be traced back as far as the times of the Roman Empire. …

The Importance of UI and UX Design
The Importance of UI and UX Design

Let’s talk about what is UI/UX design? UX and UI are often used together in conversations, yet they are not the same. As the name suggests, User Interface and User Experience focus on the entire lifecycle of an application’s interaction with the user.

Think of any web or mobile application that you’ve been using today. You might have noticed two elements, i.e.:

  1. User Interface (UI): This defines what you touch, click, speak to, etc., in the application.
  2. User Experience (UX): How you felt about your interaction with the application, how soon you found what you needed, how easy it was…

How to set up a Redis Cluster with TLS in a local machine
How to set up a Redis Cluster with TLS in a local machine

In this blog, I’m going to tell you how to set up a Redis cluster with TLS in a local machine.

What is Redis?

How to create an Android TV app using Flutter
How to create an Android TV app using Flutter

At DLT Labs, mobile applications like DL Asset Track™, DL Wallet™, DL Certify™, DL Creds™, and We Agree™ are developed using Google’s Flutter UI toolkit. So I am always looking for fun projects to get more practice using it.

As I had not explored developing an Android TV app using Flutter before, I thought of exploring it and sharing it with you all. In this article, you will learn how to create an app using Flutter for Android TV. You can also add support to your existing app by following the same process we will discuss now.

So, let’s get…

The Power of Supply Chain Data
The Power of Supply Chain Data

The current pandemic has underscored the need for up-to-date supply chain data. Amidst lockdowns, social distancing measures, changing trade regulations, traffic jams in the Suez and dynamic buying patterns, it is the companies with access to relevant supply chain data that can quickly adapt to changing market conditions. Not only are they able to better withstand rapid changes in supply chain dynamics but are also able to remain competitive in a sustainable manner.

This is possible with access to platforms such as DLT Labs’ DL Asset Track, that enable supply chain transparency, giving companies visibility into their inventories as they…

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