How to Set Up an EC2 Instance?
How to Set Up an EC2 Instance?

In my previous blog, I covered the various storage solutions provided by AWS like S3 Glacier. Now that we understand how our application’s data stored in a specific place, how about looking at getting the application up and running?

Before getting started with EC2 in AWS, let me give you a small recap of cloud computing and how it’s making our jobs a lot easier. While all the data and processing is handled by servers, in the real world, this data and processing can get overwhelming, and handling it would mean huge investments in hardware (Servers). …

How to Add a Payment Gateway to a Mobile App
How to Add a Payment Gateway to a Mobile App

Almost everything nowadays is executed digitally, even the payments we make to others and the items we purchase from merchants. To make payments possible we need to integrate various payment gateways into our apps.

I am an experienced hybrid mobile application developer at DLT Labs™, currently coding on the Google UI toolkit called Flutter. While contributing to an extraordinary application in my organization named DL Ecosystem, which works on revolutionary blockchain technology, I came across a problem to learn how a payment gateway works and eventually integrate it into the application.

DL Ecosystem is a product that can handle cryptocurrencies…

How to Setup & Configure a Redis Cluster Easily
How to Setup & Configure a Redis Cluster Easily

We all know the power of Redis already. During the development phase of a project, as a developer, sometimes we need to do some POC work that includes Redis, but we might not have Redis up and running in our system or servers. So, for that, we either need to wait for the Infrastructure team in organizations or if we are doing it at a small or individual level, we need to set it up on our own.

To save us time thinking about how to install or who can help us in installing this, let’s follow this quick guide…

A Quick Guide for Effective Stakeholder Management
A Quick Guide for Effective Stakeholder Management

What is stakeholder management?

Stakeholder management and stakeholder engagement are the two most important aspects for successful project delivery. Stakeholder management involves systematically identifying the stakeholders, analyzing their needs (or) expectations, and implementing various processes to engage with them effectively.

Firstly, we must understand who our stakeholders are. A stakeholder can be an individual or group of people, who have a positive or negative impact on the project.

There are various kinds of stakeholders like project stakeholders, business stakeholders, third party stakeholders, and negative stakeholders. Stakeholder management is the process of managing the needs, expectations, and requirements of stakeholders. …

Have you ever wondered how we can mock our APIs using an npm module called MockServer? Read on to know how you can do that!

What is MockServer?

MockServer is a library that helps in mocking APIs. To do this, we only need to create the mocked files and it will appear as if we are getting the response from a real API.

Although it is mostly suited for frontend use, it can also be helpful for testing. …

The Remarkable Journey of DL Asset Track
The Remarkable Journey of DL Asset Track

The Continued Evolution of the DL Asset Track platform

March 9th, 2021 marks the one-year anniversary of DL Freight and an opportunity to look at how the parent platform, DL Asset Track, has evolved over the last 12 months.

We are going to revisit an earlier blog that we wrote about the remarkable configurability of DL Asset Track and use this as a chance to expand further on the platform’s elevation to a truly robust, multi-faceted, multi-purpose solution.

With over 150,000 hours and 350,000 lines of code invested in the development of the platform and its associated operating tools, middleware, and frameworks — the DLT platform is the world’s…

This week is the one-year anniversary of the launch of DL Freight! Keep an eye on our page for a fascinating look at the evolution of the platform and what the near future holds.

The Evolution of DL Freight

A year ago, Walmart Canada and DLT Labs™ launched the world’s largest full production, industrial blockchain platform. The solution not only represented a breakthrough for distributed ledger technology, but it was also the first intelligent supply chain network, enabling multiple organizations to share secured information instantaneously. The two organizations, both with distinctly unique competencies, shared a passion for innovation and the opportunity to solve a problem…

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data that we send from our application to the user’s machine via the user’s web browser.

Generally, the data that we store in these cookies is what that takes time to load and is required by the application. These cookies can be used to gather user related information, complete authentication, for CSS coding, or for implementing some other script. This is because when a user hits our application in his or her browser, it takes the information from the cookies to improve the overall performance of our application.

To Install cookies use the…

Cross-site Scripting (or XSS for short) is a type of attack in which the attacker tries to inject or run malicious code on your website. These attacks happen when we do not validate the input entered by the user to the website either through text fields, query params, text areas, or in any other format. We can understand this with the help of an example outlining the consequences of this attack.

Suppose you have a form that has text fields, text areas, and many other types of input format, and there is also a submit button present. By clicking on…

What is WebRTC & why is it useful?
What is WebRTC & why is it useful?

This article is solely dedicated to demystifying WebRTC and to give readers a feel of what it is all about. WebRTC according to me is pretty impressive but I’ll just let you guys be the judge (though it’s still impressive no matter what you think!).

So, what is WebRTC?

Understanding WebRTC

According to Wikipedia, “WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a free, open-source project that provides web browsers and mobile applications with real-time communication (RTC) via simple application programming interfaces (APIs). It allows audio and video communication to work inside web pages by allowing direct peer-to-peer communication.”

In WebRTC everything goes via APIs…

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